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KJV Revelation 12:2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

A more literal rendering of the Greek text would read : And she being pregnant cries out ( present tense ) travailing ( present tense ) and in pain ( present tense ) to give birth .

The verbs " cries out", "travailing", "in pain" all are in the present tense in the Greek ..... At the time of the writing of Revelation, Jesus' birth was in the past, and would have been written in the past tense. As we mentioned in verse one, this scene is a scene of the future, not of the past.

When Jesus was conceived, Israel did not even know it. With the exception of the shepherds in the field, the wise men of the east, and a few select people of Israel, ( like Zechariah and Elizabeth, Simon, and also one of the prophetesses) no one knew of the impending birth of the Messiah. This woman is in pain to be delivered ...... crying out, travailing. Israel didn't know she was "pregnant with Messiah" -- which is to say she didn't know of his birth, much less crying out to be delivered.

If you argue that she did birth the Messiah because he is of Jewish ( Israeli) decent. then I would argue she tried to abort him at calvary. She killed her "child" on calvary. The manchild in Rev 12 does not see death, and the woman does not want to abort the child. She brings him forth, and there is no indication that she rejects or seeks to kill him, as Israel did.

Looking back at verse one for a moment, this woman has a victor's crown on her head and in the crown were 12 stars. The head represents the church gov't .... ie the pastoral//eldership of the church. The 12 stars represent the spiritual gov't .... ie, the apostles as the forefathers of the church, we follow their examples, their commission, their instruction ( as in the word of God )

The twelve stars cannot be the twelve tribes of Israel, because in the time of Christ the 10 tribes were scattered world wide, only two of them were in the land at the birth and ascension of Christ Jesus, and they are still scattered, although God is beginning to bring them back in.

The crown is a "stephanas wreath" in the Greek, which is a victor's crown. Israel was hardly in a place of spiritual victory, and hardly in a place of overcoming her spiritual or natural enemies. This woman overcomes the devil "by the blood of the lamb and the word of her testimony ", vs 13, which is NOT true of Israel.

As far as the travailing is concerned ( in verse 2 ) the only thing Israel was pained and travailed to do was to abort and kill the Messiah ..... and to seal his tomb to keep him dead. The woman in Rev 12 is pained to be delivered of her child because as the church she is in agony for the power of God. She is in travail to see the power and spirit of God manifest. She has nurtured this child a very long time and will gladly welcome its birth. Mary travailed in pain as other mothers did, but she gladly welcomed and cherished the birth of her son Jesus. That is not the picture of Israel, whose king Herod sought to kill the child two years AFTER his birth ( NOT immediately at his birth, as the devil is depicted waiting for the birth of this child ). Time and again mobs and leaders sought to kill Jesus........ it wasn't just a one night stand at Pilate's ....... it was perpetual throughout his ministry.

She wasn't pained to give birth, she was pained to kill and destroy. That is the significant difference.

I am doing my best to bring clarification and not confusion regarding these things. I hope you all are enjoying it, and that at least it gives you something worth pondering. :-)

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